Coffee,it arouses many….

The is the first step which starts the deepest relationships…It is the alcohol for non- alcoholics.Addiction drives you crazy!
Asking for date…? It starts with asking for coffee,with a smile that says Yes!
Those deepest conversations with each sip of coffee…!
Those rainy nights which ask for the warmth of coffee…!
Those evenings with the special one which always gets complete with coffee…!
So lets make our coffee date beautiful with a beautiful attire..which gets you look perfect with your love for coffee…!


Wander,Wander is what I do…

Sometimes in my mind sometimes on road.. the mountains, the rivers,the sun and the moon…!  I pray to falling stars to make all my wishes come true.
Those sunsets,those sunrise what I love is to wait for you on the seashore at night..
What a day it will be with a hug with forest and a night under the twinkling stars…
Sometimes I wish to travel like a nomad to know what is life with wander lust deep inside!

Corporate World

I always wonder seeing those cabins, office table chair…what if i was suppose to be the boss in the corporate world.

Those feelings and dreams were always inside.. I would fight anything to be live this dream of my life.. that confidence that freedom that sparkle in eyes,that is what which flatters me inside.
It is not easy to rule but once in a lifetime you should choose!