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What is Fashion

  • Fashion started in the 19th century when people used clothes made of plants, animal skin, and bones to cover their bodies. There were no readymade clothes or tailors at that time.
Fashion History
  • After that, Frederick Worth Bone became the world’s first fashion designer in this industry from 1826 to 1895. As we know that this is a very big industry, an equally big contribution is made by a fashion designer who creates the new and unique designs for the production of clothes. His job is to understand the market trends and choose the colors, fabrics, and styles to provide ready-to-wear clothes to the customers.
  • With the passage of time, a lot of changes are seen in this industry because anyone trends sustain in the market for a limited time only after that it is called out of style. 

World's First Fashion Designer (Frederick Worth Bone)

  • Fashion also represents our culture and our locality, as people of each country and state have a different way of dressing. It is also connected to our feelings and emotions. According to research your confidence level also increases by wearing good clothes or wearing those clothes which you like very much.

Importance of Fashion

  • We can call fashion in a way as self-expression and it is a way to display our personality in society. It is also associated with our culture and reflects that. The way of dressing of the people of each country and state is different from each other.
Street Fashion
  • If we talk about India itself, then we have seen that people in India follow different religions and everyone’s dressing style is completely different from each other. As the identity of a Hindu man is, he can also be seen wearing some accessories like Kalava, Kada, Kurta, and Dhoti/Pajama which are related to their culture. And if we see the clothes of Hindu women, then she is seen wearing sarees, bungalows, mangal sutra, anklets, etc. 
  • People of the Sikh religion tie a turban on the head. Muslims wear skull caps on their head and also wear kurta pajamas. Muslim women wear hijab. So all this reflects their culture without even saying a word. For more information you can also visit the site RitiRiwaj
Sikh Men
Muslim men
  • We have always heard a quote in our life that the first impression is the last impression, this is true to a large extent in real life also because if we go to meet a person for the first time and we are dressed well, then our first impression is good in front of that person. And if our way of wearing clothes is not right the first time, then our impression will be wrong in front of that person. 
First Meeting
  • People consider fashion like art, the more creative you are with this art, the more you express yourself in a good way. It is associated with our feelings as it boosts our confidence also.
  • The entertainment industry has a huge role in the fashion industry. It has been seen many times that a TV serial, film, and show becomes a huge hit. Just because of the unique and different dress sense of the actors playing the role in it. Many people are popular because of their unique dressing style.
Bollywood Fashion
  •  Fashion is important in our life because it also keeps people from all over the world connected, as we have seen many shows are held in different countries and states. In which models and people also participate in every country.
Fashion Show

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